Benefits for Members

  • Members Newsletters
  • Certificate
  • Window Decal
  • Free Webinars
  • International Trainers
  • Excellence in Cosmetic Tattoo yearly competition
  • Free Web site listing with photo
  • Discounted advertising
  • Networking
  • Use of initials F.M.A.C.T. after your name in all your advertising
  • Support from your Committee

2019 Membership Pricing

Silver Membership
Machine & Microblading Trained (for Brows Only)

Receives 4 newsletters a year, can attend all brow seminars and workshops only, enter Roslyn Norris awards for brow section only, and attend End of year events party. Must hold the brow machine certificate and ideally also the Infection control certificate.

$150 pa

Gold Membership
Machine & Microblading Trained (in all Cosmetic Tattoo Areas)

Receives 4 newsletters, discounts on all seminars, can enter the Roslyn Norris awards, and attend the end of year events party. Must have the “Design and provide Micropigmentation “ full certificate or equivalent certificates in all areas of cosmetic tattooing (not necessarily areola or Scalp). Hold the Infection control certificate.

$210 pa

NOTE: Please note that memberships run on a calendar year basis
(from Jan 1 to Dec 31).

NOTE: By clicking below to continue the signup process you acknowledge that:

Ethical Code of Practice

  1. Members must hold The Design and Provide Cosmetic Tattooing SHBBSKS003, or equivalent modules in separate cosmetic tattooing procedures covering Brows, eyes, lips, Breast and paramedical.
  2. Must have the infection control qualifications – HLTIN402C OR SHBBINF001.
  3. Members are to maintain high professional standards consistent with sound practise.
  4. Members are to conduct business relationships in a manner that is fair to all.
  5. Members will provide professionalism in the tattoo / semi-permanent makeup industry without discrimination against any fellow member’s background.
  6. Members will refrain from any immoral or unethical behaviour in their business dealings.
  7. Members will further the interests of The Association and encourage cooperation throughout the cosmetic tattoo industry.
  8. Members must attend a class or seminar to keep updated within the industry and techniques at least every two years.
  9. Members understand they need to follow all OH&S guidelines with regards to sterilisation within the Tattoo industry.
  10. Members must conform with telling clients that they are having a semi -permanent makeup procedure in which is “Tattooing” and not mislead them in stating it is not.
  11. Members understand that the process of tattooing is semi – permanent tattooing and not painless. They must not deceive their clients regarding this aspect of tattooing.
  12. Members cannot make false or misleading statements to the public in brochures, advertising or in consultations that does not conform with cosmetic tattoo procedures.
  13. Members may not appropriate any Association materials, including such items as articles, videos, images, and membership lists for their own personal gain. Members may not reproduce such items.
  14. Members must renew memberships on website now in January of each year OR will not be chased up and could result in missing a seminar or Trainer. Memberships run from January to January.