2017 ACT Competition

To enter the competition, you will send your application form and pictures of your work to us at ACTcompetition2017@gmail.com We will then assess your work and post it on the Cosmetic tattooing Association Facebook page. To keep it all anonymous we will give you a number and only post your work on the page with this number.

In your email you will need to include;

  • Picture of your work (at least 3 of each style you are entering) and a picture of your work healed if possible
  • A note of the style of work/Pigments and brands/Needles or hand tool/machine and techniques used
  • This form filled in


Novus Under 2 Years’ Experience
Winner and Runner up

Winner and runner up

Overall (Eyebrow/Lips and eyeliner)
Winner and Runner up

Machine Brows
Micro blading Brows

The overall winner will receive a free year of membership for next year and a trophy.

Other category winners will win a prize and a trophy